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Redefining Agriculture Input Sector
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Commitment to Sustainable and Inclusive Agriculture Platform

Our Commitment


Optimization of agriculture input usage at farm level toward achieving sustainable agriculture.


Transforming farming livelihood of marginal farmers in Emerging markets keeping sustainability as priority.


Agriculture Inputs, Agronomy services, Farm knowledge and digital technology.


Robust domain knowledge, strong global market network, excellent procurement & processing expertise.





Africa & South-East AsiaOur Footprints

How We Work

Business Model

NutriSource’s core foundation is laid on strong and comprehensive deep domain expertise, specific geographic exposure and interface with farming communities in developing markets based on over 150 Years of aggregated experience of its core team.

NutriSource is purely knowledge and technology driven service-oriented farm input and Advisory service provider Organization engaging with farmers at grass-root level. Its focus remains only in emerging markets of Africa and SE Asia.

NutriSource is built on robust domain knowledge,  deep market expertise, strong global network, excellent procurement and processing expertise of farm inputs like Fertilizer, Agro-chemicals and Specialty fertilizers and finally, solid integrity and transparency in business process.

We have developed our 3D business model based on 3A, 4E & 3I

We are committed to Farming Community to provide:




We are committed to work with Farming community:





We run our Integrated Business Process through:




Product Portfolio

We are setting up multiple state of art, customised NPK blending facilities across Africa and Potential SEA markets.

We thrive to work at grassroot level with farmers providing high quality Inputs, supported by bespoke agronomy services and cutting edge digital technology.

We aim to offer comprehensive farm solutions package right from land preparation to harvest and empower them with market access.

Manufactured NPKs

Finished Fertilizers

Specialty Fertilizers

Agro Chemicals


Emerging Markets Of Africa and South East Asia

Marginal Farmers

Optimising Nutrient Management

Sustainable Agriculture and Transforming Livelihood

Our Key Priority AreaSustainability Development Goals

Talented & Highly motivatedOur Team

Nutrisource team shares common vision and purpose to create a social and economic impact on agriculture and livelihood.

Driven by passion, our enterprising team strives towards making a meaningful change at farm level by deploying their deep domain expertise and experience into practice.

If you share the same passion and vision, you are most welcome to join us ([email protected])


Murari Mohan Rakshit

Director & CEO, Nutrisource

A Passionate Leader with Global outlook and outreach in Agri Input Industry who is firm believer of enhancing Farm Productivity and transforming livelihood through responsible Agri Input and Service management and technology interface for the marginal farmers in emerging markets.

Well known in Global Fertilizer and input industry for deep domain knowledge, passion for Africa and emerging markets with strong insight and global network among various stakeholders. In last 24 years, Murari has worked with some of the big names in Global Agri Input and Agri business industry in India and Overseas having unique knowledge and Techno commercial expertise in the Agri input value chain.

In his last assignment, as Vice President of Fertilizer Division, he has set up and managed Fertilizer business of Olam International Ltd, Singapore for over a decade.

He is currently holding multiple positions in International Fertilizer Association (IFA).


David Ollech

Non Executive Director, Nutrisource

Co-founder of the Lemarc Agromond Group, David oversees the group’s commercial market development, operational structure and in general the group’s performance.

David has over a decade of experience in family owned companies with expertise in trade-finance, trading and business development activities.  As CEO of Lemarc Agromond group he is expanding its strategic footprint in selected geographies for Niche businesses. He is also equally passionate about transforming livelihood through agriculture and providing all strategic support to achieve the organizational Goals.


Rahul Kumar

Director & COO, Nutrisource

Rahul has more than 15 years of experienced in business transformation and Capability leadership within Agriculture commodity supply chain.

Cofounder of Agroark, a provider of Agriculture risk management solutions, he had actively incubated ventures providing strategic roadmap and resourcing. Prior to his entrepreneur journey he has spent 8+ year with Olam international playing pivotal role across Businesses.

With focus to develop niche business in emerging markets, has  teamed up with Nutrisource for a common goal of improving livelihood in emerging markets and putting all efforts to create the unique organization driven by passion, Vision and Integrity.


Basanta Nayak

COO Africa, Nutrisource

Basanta Nayak, a veteran of indian Agri Business, has more than 27 years of general and strategic managemnt experience in the field of Food supply chain, Agri input and horticulture produce with demonstarted leadership expertise. 

He has done his PGDRM from IRMA with an Agriculture degree in India.

In his last role, he has spent 13years in Adani Group as Business head and whole time director of Adani Agri Fresh Ltd taking the company to new height.

A Passionate professional who always believes in delivery and shared value creation for stake holders while emphasizing on building leadership in each segment of operation.