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Redefining Agri Input Sector in Emerging Markets by Empowering Farmers

the challenges that drive our missionFood shortages
Limited farm land
Air pollution

NutriSource has been conceptualized and incorporated with clear and committed vision of transforming farming livelihood of marginal farmers in Emerging markets keeping sustainability as priority.

NutriSource’s core foundation is laid on strong and comprehensive deep domain expertise, specific geographic exposure and interface with farming communities in developing markets based on over 150 Years of aggregated experience of its core team. NutriSource is purely knowledge and technology driven service-oriented farm input and Advisory service provider Organization engaging with farmers at grassroot level. Its focus remains only in emerging markets of Africa and SE Asia. NutriSource is built on robust domain knowledge, excellent Talent pool, deep market expertise, strong global network, excellent procurement and processing expertise of farm inputs like Fertilizer, Agrochemicals and Specialty fertilizers and finally, solid integrity and transparency in business process.

NutriSource aims to be present in all aspects of Farm Inputs and Services right from Processing and Manufacturing, Trading, Distribution, Franchising and both Digital and On field Advisory services.


Transforming farming livelihood of marginal farmers in Emerging markets keeping sustainability as priority.


Reduce the agriculture input at farm level and driving to sustainable agriculture practice.

Our Business

Agriculture Input Product, Agronomy service, Input and farm knowledge & Technology


Robust domain knowledge, outstanding Talent pool, strong global market network, excellent procurement & processing expertise.

We have developed our 3D business model based on 3A, 4D & 3I


We are committed to Farming Community to provide:




We are committed to work with Farming community:





We run our Integrated Business Process through:




NutriSource is committed to bring visible, impactful & measurable difference in Agri value chain Complex by engaging with farming communities in emerging markets with 360-degree integrated approach to transform Farming livelihood keeping sustainability as first priority for better life for everyone.

We run our Integrated Business Process through 

Our AwesomeTeam Members

Murari Mohan Rakshit

CEO & Director, Nutrisource
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David Ollech

Director & Non-executive Board Member
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Rahul Kumar

Director & COO, Nutrisource
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Basanta Nayak

COO Africa, Nutrisource